Alpinist services, we work at height

Check the range of our services! We are open to cooperation in the field of works at height from virtually every industry. We carry out projects in the field of repair, assembly, disassembly, welding, maintenance and painting. We have our own hall, where we prefabricate structures and pipelines, which allows us to carry out complex projects.

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alpinista przemysłowy

Welding at height

We weld using MMA (111), TIG (141), MIG (136.138.131) methods, on both offshore and onshore.

Assembly of steel structures at heights

As part of assembly services, we offer assembly, disassembly, modernization and repair.

Performing non-destructive NDT tests

We perform visual, penetration, magnetic-powder, ultrasonic and eddy current tests.

Transportation of structures at heights

We cooperate with companies and contractors who carry out construction projects, helping to assemble structures at high heights.

Prefabrication of structures and pipelines in the workshop

We specialize in the prefabrication of medium and small steel constructions and industrial pipeline systems.

Qualified technicians

Alpinweld consists of people who have long experience of working at heights and are trained in ensuring safety both on land and at sea. We work on oil and production platforms as well as wind farms. We employ the best welders and constructors in Europe. Thanks to a combination of such qualifications, we can offer our customers assembly and welding services at height. We are constantly improving and enriching our knowledge and skills in the field of Rope access methods and techniques, which in turn allows us to constantly expand the range of our services along with the quality of our work. Moreover, our team is specialized in welding. This is an area which constitutes a very important aspect of our activity. Thanks to our comprehensive education we can combine two areas – welding and works at height.

Rope access and construction work

Rope access is currently the only such method of working at height and in hard-to-reach places which guarantees such a high level of safety thanks to the perfectly developed equipment that is authorized for use. At the same time, employees are very carefully checked and their work is controlled, as are their skills and qualifications. Rope access allows for quick and above-average performance of all assembly and disassembly, modernization and repair works conducted at height. Our activities are primarily focused on construction works. We carry out works at height which include assembly of steel structures, welding, transport of structures, but also non-destructive NDT testing. Rope access is characterized by high mobility and versatility of use in very different areas and fields. By using rope access, we can shorten the working time to the maximum and, at the same time, increase its accuracy and safety. We also reduce costs by eliminating and replacing scaffolding.

Always up to the task! Alpinweld alpinist services

We are anywhere where there is access that seems limited for others. We use modern equipment and our many years of rich experience to provide alpinist services in the widest possible range. All our works are compatible with the IRATA international rope access system. This allows us to ensure the quality of work and safety with full responsibility.

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