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We’re aiming high. Alpinweld high altitude works

When we started, we knew that our goal was to become a team that is highly specialized in high-altitude work and provides comprehensive rope access services in the field of steel structures. With every subsequent month, our client portfolio grew richer and richer and thus our motivation increased, hence we became more and more convinced that the goal was achievable. We have a mission – overcome barriers and altitude obstacles, and offer small and large customers services rendered with the use of professional alpinist equipment regardless of both conditions and the level of difficulty. We want to be where others find it difficult or even impossible.

We specialize in construction works at height. Our team is made up of professionals who are still training despite their already high qualifications, great experience and excellent knowledge. All our projects are implemented with the top-tier quality and in compliance with all rules of safety. We combine efficiency and speed with perfection and above-average quality of work. We are based on the international system of rope access techniques IRATA, we follow the safety rules and perform all tasks according to a pre-determined plan. We have our own hall and machine facilities, realizing projects in a complex manner – works at height combined with construction works. In our hall we perform prefabrication of structures and pipelines, which allows us to undertake large and demanding tasks.

In order to provide comprehensive support to our customers, our employees are not only specialists in alpinist works, but also experienced welders, fitters, NDT technicians and specialist in vertical transport. Such qualified staff allows us to form a team that always guarantees the success of each and every project. We have gained experience in these areas abroad, which has allowed us to learn a wide range of modern techniques and methods.

We use only state-of-the-art equipment that provides us with safety and our customers with speed and precision of work. We carry out the most complicated projects concerning assembly of structures at height, welding at height and NDT testing, which is possible thanks to the latest technology. We constantly look for new solutions and supplement our equipment in order to implement more and more demanding projects in an improved way.

Each client constitutes a new and unique project

We cooperate with both small and large companies, we carry out less and more demanding projects, approaching each client individually and very carefully analyzing the specifics of the given workplace. In the case of large projects, we always perform on-site inspections. This allows us to comprehend the task we have to perform and adapt to the prevailing conditions. We then establish an action plan, which we afterwards discuss together with the client.

We are also open to smaller projects that do not require as much preparation. Then we can resign from the inspection and present a valuation and action plan based on the analysis of documents, drawings and photos provided by the client. We were part of the teams that carried out large projects for key players in the industry. As subcontractors we have carried out projects for companies such as TOTAL, BP, STATOIL, Ensco, Iberdrola, Houlder and SEMCO MARITIME.

We’re developing, and climbing higher and higher…for both you and our own satisfaction!

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