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Installation of steel structures at heights

Steel structures are present in virtually every construction project. Often they are required to be installed at heights, which means that there is a need of the right skills and climbing equipment. We deal with assembly, but also disassembly (modernization and repair) of steel structures and pipelines. We work in hard to reach places and unfavorable conditions, being properly prepared for any inconvenience. We modernize steel structures and repair them. Using modern preservatives, we protect steel surfaces against corrosion. We also perform works aimed at strengthening steel structures. We have all the necessary knowledge, including technical and isometric drawing, allowing us to carry out the most demanding projects.

Plasma cutting and cutting with an acetylene-oxygen burner

As part of our services of assembling steel structures at heights, we also offer cutting with two techniques. The first one is plasma cutting. Plasma is an ionized matter, with a state of aggregation that can be compared to gas. During cutting the metal melts and is ejected from the gap. This is done by a highly concentrated plasma arc, which is characterized by high kinetic energy. Plasma cutting is 5-7 times faster than oxygen cutting. There is no need for heating, and the cutting can be done without burning thin materials. The cutting process is easy to automate.

An alternative to plasma cutting is gas cutting. Low carbon steel is commonly used in this case. During cutting, the material is fed to the ignition temperature and then burned. Then metal oxide fluids are blown out under high pressure. The effectiveness of the gas method is primarily influenced by the design of the burner. It is also characterized by a wide range of cutting thicknesses and guarantees high cutting quality for thick materials. It can be used to make cuts at different angles.

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