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Alpinweld high altitude works

Welding at height

High-altitude welding

We offer welding works performed at height. We have appropriate qualifications and skills, which is confirmed by DNV GL TUV LLOYD certificates of our welders. Many years of experience combined with comprehensive knowledge and precision of operation always results in a perfectly executed task. We deal with welding of black and stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, we also weld structures and pipelines, and carry out work indoors.

Welding methods

Amongst the welding methods we use there is the MMA shielded electrode welding method (111). It is the most universal and, at the same time, the oldest method, it uses a shielded electrode, consisting of a metal core and lagging. Its advantages include the ability to weld different metals and in any position and conditions. MMA welding machine is designed for welding thin and thick elements. Most often we use it to weld steel structures and choose it for installation works on the construction site. It is also used in places that are difficult to access.


Another welding method is MIG/MAG, which uses an electric arc. This is produced between the consumable electrode and the material to be welded. As with MMA, this method can be used to weld many metals in all positions. Its big advantage is its high welding efficiency, several times higher than in the case of the MMA method. We also weld with the TIG method, in which the electric arc is produced by means of an infusible tungsten electrode. All works conducted with the use of this method take place in an environment filled with chemically inert protective gas, which protects the weld and electrode from oxidation. TIG is used in the welding of thin sheets as the method ensures cleanliness of the weld and great ease of welding control.

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