We perform specialized high-altitude works with the use of professional equipment and experience that we have gained over many years in cooperation with companies from the following industries: Offshore, Subsea, oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, industrial construction and energy. We are not only qualified to use rope equipment, but also have skills in welding, structure and pipeline assembly, as well as NDT techniques.

What can we do for you?

Welding at height

We weld using MMA (111), TIG (141), MIG (136.138.131) methods, on both offshore and onshore.

Assembly of steel structures at heights

As part of assembly services, we offer assembly, disassembly, modernization and repair.

Performing non-destructive NDT tests

We perform visual, penetration, magnetic-powder, ultrasonic and eddy current tests.

Transportation of structures at heights

We cooperate with companies and contractors who carry out construction projects, helping to assemble structures at high heights.

Prefabrication of structures and pipelines in the workshop

We specialize in the prefabrication of medium and small steel constructions and industrial pipeline systems.

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